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October 5, 2010 / howgood1

Adonai Elohaychem Emet

The last two words of the last paragraph of the Sh’ma are “Adonai Elohaychem” which means “Adonai your God”.  In the Sh’ma, the word prior to these is “Ani”, or “I” in English so that the full sentence reads “I am Adonai, your God”.

The first word of the next prayer is “Emet” or “truth” so that reciting the last two words of the Sh’ma and then this word without interruption creates the phrase “Adonai elohaychem Emet” which means “Adonai, your God, is true”.

This phrase is the same as that which can be found at the beginning of Jeremiah 10:10.

As we will see in the next prayer which talks about G-d’s deliverance of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, the word “true” unites our belief in the one God as well as our belief that all of the acts attributed to Him in His Torah are true, and did in fact happen.


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